Xtreme Outback Introduces HDJ 70 Series LandCruiser Extra Heavy Duty Upgrade

Xtreme Outback has introduced a new extra heavy duty clutch kit to their existing range of 70 series options with the introduction of the KTY30095-1AX upgrade for the 4.2L, 2001-2007 Toyota LandCruiser. The kit, which offers 1300 kg’s of clamp force, is supplied with an organic friction disc, thrust bearing, alignment tool, spigot bearing and slave cylinder for improved driveability. The design of this kit is focused on producing a clutch that offers exceptional driveability and improved performance when the vehicle has engine modifications and is used in extreme conditions.

“The new upgrade for HDJ 70 series Toyota’s offers a great balance between major increases in torque capacity, whilst also retaining driveability for everyday use vehicles.” Explains Xtreme Outback mechanical engineer, Stewart Furze, “The kit is ideal for vehicles that are used regularly at the limit of their tow capacity or vehicles that have engine modifications and are being used off-road.”

The new kit joins a range of LandCruiser upgrades available including a similar upgrade for the VDJ 70 series, 4.5L V8 model LandCruisers. This upgrade offers a 58% increase in clamp load whilst retaining excellent driveability.

“We offer a comprehensive range of upgrades for LandCruiser vehicles including the extra heavy duty upgrades for 70 series 6 and 8 cylinder models.” Explains Mr Furze, “Our range includes a variety of upgrade options in organic and we also offer a ceramic upgrade for very high horsepower applications.”

For more information about the Xtreme Outback product range and the latest extra heavy duty upgrades, please contact Xtreme Outback on 1800 CLUTCH or email sales@xtremeoutback.com.au

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