ACS 参与2012 德国法兰克福汽配展(Automechanika Frankfurt)产品展示

Australian Clutch Services 于2012年9 月11日至16 日在德国法兰克福汽配展(Automechanika Frankfurt)上举行产品展示,同期庆祝这是我们参与法兰克福汽配展的第十个年头。

在此十周年庆上ACS 的员工已正在努力打造一个比之前更辉煌的 2012 年产品展示盛会!


Xtreme Clutch

请参阅我们最新的185mm and 200mm多片式离合器套件, 并登陆我们最新的Xtreme Clutch网站上观看最新的媒体视频与我们互动。

Xtreme Outback

此次推出了一个全新独立的Xtreme Outback网站, 其特色是包含有 最新的产品和目录,易于理解的技术术语及 整合了各大社交媒体信息沟通。

Ozparts 欧洲仓储

请参与我们讨论Xtreme and Xtreme Outback在欧洲范围内的新产品的发展趋势,以及您可以怎样在欧洲更容易的获得我们的产品。





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Off-Road Rescue Team

We use Xtreme Outback clutches in our 4x4 ambulances that go every weekend to some Offroad events and competitions in Poland / Europe and also to Africa. Using Xtreme Outback reinforces clutches we feel more comfortable and safer in different, sometimes very difficult road conditions. Mud, sand or water are now not dangerous for us. With our 4x4 ambulances we are on such events: Carta Rally in Morocco, Breslau Rally in Poland, Balkan Rally, WRC Rally Poland, different Baja racing etc. -together there are more than 70 big events a year.

Off-Road Rescue Team

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