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How to choose a clutch kit
Our stages are mostly defined by the friction disc type combined with the level of clamping force from the pressure plate. Choosing the correct clutch kit for your application is critical to ensure the best durability, performance and drivability. Many people believe that jumping straight to a motorsport upgrade will provide the best kit for their application, but these are designed for very special uses and may not be the best kit for your application.

In order to choose your clutch kit, ask yourself these 3 main questions and then match this to the recommendations below. Also make sure to check our online vehicle catalogue HERE and see what stages are available for your vehicle as well as specific clamping force percentage increases for your car. If you need any help, please feel free to ask our friendly sales team for advice by CONTACTING US

Question 1: How many performance modifications have been made to the vehicle?

Question 2: What is the vehicle mainly being used for (ie. towing, off-road, daily driving, motorsport)?

Question 3: What modifications, if any, are you planning to make to the vehicle in the near future and would your application change?

Stage 1 - Heavy Duty Sprung Organic

Recommended for: Vehicles with minor performance modifications, are daily driven but also used off-road and vehicles that tow regularly.

The stage 1 heavy duty organic clutch kit provides excellent driveability along with an approximate 15-40% increase in clamp force (application specific). These clutch kits are mainly used in street vehicles with larger wheels or performance upgrades as well as vehicles that are regularly used off-road or tow at the limit of their tow capacity.

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Stage 1X - Extra Heavy Duty Sprung Organic

Recommended for: Vehicles with significant performance modifications, are daily driven but also used off-road and vehicles that tow regularly.

The Extra Heavy Duty range of upgrades from Xtreme Outback are designed to offer the highest levels of performance for heavily modified street and off-road vehicles. These kits offer a significant increase in clamping force (30-60% above the factory clutch) over the stage 1 equivalents and are designed specifically for vehicles that have had significant aftermarketing tuning and performance upgrades

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Stage 2 -Ceramic Single Plate Upgrades

Recommended for: Motorsport Applications

Xtreme Outback Stage 2 Ceramic upgrades have been designed to offer the ultimate in heat capacity for single plate upgrades and are designed specifically for motorsport applications such as endurance rally events and time trials. Available in Sprung Ceramic and Cushioned Ceramic, there are a wide variety of options to choose from depending on the vehicle use.

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Stage 2R - High Clamp Force Ceramic Upgrades

Recommended for: High Torque Motorsport Applications

Stage 2R kits are sprung ceramic single plate upgrades like seen in the "Stage 2" kits, however these kits offer even further clamping force for vehicles that have had significant performance modifications. Used regularly in motorsport applications, these kits are ideal for competition cars still used on the road (such as rally cars).

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Race Series

Recommended for: Specific Motorsport Applications

The Xtreme Outback Race Series kits are multi-plate kits designed specifically for high power motorsport applications. As the clutch of choice for the Australian ECB SuperUte Series, these kits are ideal for highly developed race cars and are often custom made due to engine or gearbox conversions.

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