ECB SuperUtes to Hit the Streets of Adelaide

2018 sees the introduction of a brand new racing series in Australia with the ECB SuperUtes Series due to make their competitive debut at the Adelaide 500 in March. The series, which is based around the most popular dual cabs in the Australian market, is set to compete alongside the Supercars series in Australia with an 8 round calendar.

Xtreme Outback will be the official clutch supplier for the series after developing a unique solution for the specially built vehicles. The series includes vehicles such as the Mitsubishi Triton, Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado, Mazda BT-50, Toyota Hilux and Isuzu D-Max. Each vehicle requires a custom clutch to transfer the torque from the highly tuned diesel engines, to the control gearbox. The clutch kit has been designed specifically to achieve this, whilst also offering great service life in motorsport applications. The clutch is a 230mm twin ceramic kit which has been proven in all different types of motorsport applications around the world.

“We can’t wait to see the ECB SuperUtes hit the street of Adelaide for their first round of the championship” says Australian Clutch Services Managing Director, Brenton Jordan, “One of our specialties is developing custom clutch kits for vehicles with engine or gearbox conversions. These vehicles all run a control gearbox but different engines, meaning we had to develop a unique solution that would work in each model of vehicle in the series whilst also retaining the clamping force and heat capacity required in race vehicles. Our extensive in-house research and development facility allows us to design, test and develop these clutches to ensure the optimal performance.”

Xtreme Outback takes the research and development gained from the racing industry and applies this to the heavy duty range for the street. “We take what we have learnt in the motorsport industry, where there is a very high expectation on performance and reliability, and we use this throughout our range of heavy duty upgrades.” Says Stewart Furze, ACS Mechanical Engineer, “By being able to extensively analyse the racing clutch kit data and performance, we can learn and improve before applying this to the kits we develop for the street.”

The Xtreme Outback ECB SuperUtes kit will be on display at the Adelaide 500 from March 1st along with a range of heavy duty upgrades for the street.

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