Complete your performance clutch upgrade with an extensive range of standard replacement and motorsport developed hydraulic components. At Xtreme Clutch, we offer many hydraulic components such as slave cylinders, concentric slave cylinders and braided lines with our performance upgrade kits. However, if you require a specific hydraulic component such as a master cylidner or motorsport CSC, please check out our extensive online catalogue HERE or contact us if you are unable to find the component you are looking for.

Concentric Slave Cylinders

Xtreme Clutch can provide a variety of Concentric Slave Cylinders (CSC) to either upgrade your vehicle’s standard CSC or provide a solution for a gearbox or engine conversion. The Xtreme Clutch CSC range can improve pedal effort and allow for an easier installation process.





Master Cylinders

Clutch master cylinders are a vital part of the clutch system and can often be overlooked when diagnosing a clutch issue. Xtreme Clutch has a range of clutch master cylinders to suit most applications. Each cylinder also comes with a fluid reservoir.





Slave Cylinders

Xtreme Clutch’s range of clutch slave cylinders are built to the highest quality standard. The large selection of replacement clutch slave cylinders suit various makes and models, making them a great addition to Xtreme Clutch’s actuation range.





Braided Clutch lines

Xtreme Clutch produce custom braided hydraulic lines for a variety of applications. Often, braided lines will be included as part of the upgrade kit, with custom solutions available to suit engine or gearbox conversions as well as standard line replacement. For custom braided line solutions, please contact Xtreme Clutch.







Spigot Bush/Bearings

Xtreme Clutch has an extensive selection of spigot/pilot bearings and bushes. The range is constantly being updated for all late model vehicles. The spigot bearing/bush is an integral part of the clutch system. Its purpose is to support the input shaft of the gearbox. A worn or failed spigot bush or bearing can result in clutch malfunction or gearbox failure.




Flywheel Bolts

Xtreme Clutch’s OE standard and ARP flywheel bolts are available for most applications. The bolts are a critical, yet often overlooked part of the driveline. Replacement in some models is either recommended or necessary when a new clutch system is installed. Xtreme Clutch bolts have been designed to handle extreme loads.




Pressure Plate Bolts

Xtreme Clutch has a range of OE standard and ARP pressure plate bolts for most applications. Xtreme Clutch recommends to inspect the pressure plate bolts and replace if necessary when installing a replacement clutch.




Bellhousing Bolts

Xtreme Clutch’s premium grade bolt and stud kits are engineered to accurately engage engine block threads and resist loosening. They come with a black oxide finish with a 12-point or standard hex head. Washers and nuts are also included where applicable.




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Off-Road Rescue Team

We use Xtreme Outback clutches in our 4x4 ambulances that go every weekend to some Offroad events and competitions in Poland / Europe and also to Africa. Using Xtreme Outback reinforces clutches we feel more comfortable and safer in different, sometimes very difficult road conditions. Mud, sand or water are now not dangerous for us. With our 4x4 ambulances we are on such events: Carta Rally in Morocco, Breslau Rally in Poland, Balkan Rally, WRC Rally Poland, different Baja racing etc. -together there are more than 70 big events a year.

Off-Road Rescue Team

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